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Photo from the Galichnik Wedding click to enlarge

Galichnik is located at about 10 km from Mavrovo, on the slopes of the beautiful Bistra Mountain, in the heart of the Miyac Region. It is famous for "the Galichnik Wedding", a traditional manifestation held annually, the excellent Galichnik Cheese, the unique architecture and the unforgetable nature. A lot of famous Macedonians were born in Galichnik.

Galichnik has been the inspiration for many a song, one of which is "Kondisal Ajradin Pasha“ interpreted by , Aleksandar Sarievski. Sarievski's music can be bought at MacedoniaDirect.

The old Galichnik house is complete architectural creation. Based on logical, spatial organization, it makes an impression of rationality and balance. There is no doubt, it's a creation with greatest architectural quality in our popular building. Photos are available at the photo gallery.

Small in numbers of birth-rate, great in its spirit and educated intelligence, the Miyac region is a renaissance epicenter in the Galichnik area. From the three ethnographic and spiritual, empires, the Miyac region - linguistically ethnically, popularly and individually, from its famous written and oral, folkloric and artistic (contemporary) creation, is the most famous and well-known one. It is a territory which either in war or peace, others wanted to conquer - possess, but the Miyac empire remained homogenous, authentic, original. Sometimes jealous and envious of itself not to mention the others! Galichnik - Master piece of creative Miyac hand, houses-towers. Radovan Pavloski
The photo gallery features many old and new photos from Galichnik, most of them taken during the Galichnik Wedding. Enjoy!
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