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The springs of The river Vardar. click to enlarge

The spring of the river Vardar, is one of the greatest natural beauties of the Gostivar region.

There, near the village of Vrutok at an altitude of 683 meters, from the base of the mountain Shara rises the river Vardar. From the spring the riverbed of Vardar widens. The river flows still by the villages and meanders through the valley before its exit from Gostivar. The river Vardar devides Gostivar in two. A real feast for the eyes.

Unfortunately, downstream from Vrutok, through the cities, the river Vardar has become a dump for the garbage of the negligent people. Let us clean this dump, save our treasure and make the natural beauty of the river Vardar be our pride again.

Vardar is the longest and the most significant river in Macedonia. Its total lenght is 388 km, and to Macedonia Vardar generously gave 301 km of it. It runs off into the Aegean sea. The average annual flow is 63 m3/s in Skopje gauging station and goes to 144,9 m3/s in Gevgelija gauging station, while the specific run off at the same profile is 6,5 l/s/km?. Vardar has 37 major tributaries out of which 15 are on the right, and 22 on the left side. The most important ones are: Pena, Treska, Lepenec, Pcinja, Bregalnica, Markova Reka, Topolka, Babuna and Crna Reka.
More information is available at www.water.org.mk.
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